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3 Most Powerful Ways to Having a Killer 2015 in Your Business


Listen in as I not only share the 3 Most Powerful ways to Having a Killer 2015 in Your Business but how I came out with my 2014 goals and how you can effectively set goals for the new year. You don’t want to miss this podcast! Check Out Real Estate Podcasts at Blog Talk [...]

How to Wholesale a Listed Property


How to Wholesale a Listed Property I was recently asked if you can wholesale a house that was listed by a realtor. There are several things you have to consider as a wholesaler when dealing with listed properties. Keep in mind I’m not talking about REO listings or using other creative options such as lease [...]

How One of My Students Closed Her First 2 Wholesale Deals and Made Thousands

  Listen in as I interview my student, Christy Starling and she discusses how she closed 2 wholesale deals with assignment fees totaling $10,000!  She also shares her journey as a wholesaler and the importance of having a mentor and power team to help you have more success! She also shares her experience at the [...]

What Do You Want in 2013?

Happy New Year to you! What are your goals for 2013? Does the list below look familiar? 1. Loss Weight 2. Save Money 3. Make More Money 4. Take a Vacation 5. Start a Business 6. Find Love Actually you can accomplish these goals or whatever you want but it takes more than writing them [...]