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How to Wholesale a Listed Property


How to Wholesale a Listed Property I was recently asked if you can wholesale a house that was listed by a realtor. There are several things you have to consider as a wholesaler when dealing with listed properties. Keep in mind I’m not talking about REO listings or using other creative options such as lease [...]

Take Action Real Estate Book Signing with Lolita Sheriow

I recently had my 1st book signing event at The Tower Club in Dallas, TX August 2nd, 2014. I wanted to share some pictures of the event with you. I am truly thankful for the support of family, friends and business partners that came out. My mom and 92 year old great grandmother was in [...]

Exclusive Interview with Flip Anywhere Founder Cris Chico

You will love this interview I did with Cris Chico. Cris is the founder of and a successful real estate investor in Florida who specializes in wholesaling in local and long distance markets via the strategy he created and pioneered called Virtual Wholesaling. Click on the image below to listen to the interview. More [...]

Top 12 Ways to Make 2014 Your Brand’s Best Year Ever

I recently read a blog post by Lori R. Taylor on the 12 Ways to Make 2014 Your Brands Best Year Ever and had to share it on my podcast. I also share a personal tragedy that happen to me and my family this past year and how I’m able to overcome obstacles and more [...]