Top 12 Ways to Make 2014 Your Brand’s Best Year Ever

I recently read a blog post by Lori R. Taylor on the 12 Ways to Make 2014 Your Brands Best Year Ever and had to share it on my podcast. I also share a personal tragedy that happen to me and my family this past year and how I’m able to overcome obstacles and more forward.

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To Your Success in 2014…..Lolita “aka” Lo

Are You Afraid of Being Successful?

Recently I decided to start my radio show again “Kick Fear to the Curb with Lo”. I started this show back in 2008 but stopped because at the time I was still a new entrepreneur and totally focused on making money to pay bills and didn’t make the time to keep it going.

I was recently encouraged to start the show again for 2 reasons….. a mentor told me too and my loyal followers asked if I would talk / teach on how to deal with fear; fear of failure, fear of rejection..…etc.

Fear is the number #1 reason people don’t accomplish their goals. While I’m not a licensed counselor or therapist I understand how to deal with your fears and move into the direction of your dreams and goals.

Click here to listen in to the radio show, as I interview other entrepreneurs and business owners that had to overcome their fears to have the success they have today!




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How to Get Motivated Seller Leads Flowing Into Your Business


This is probably the most asked question that all real estate investors (professionals) have. How to get more seller leads flowing into my business. I am a believer that you need to do multiple things in order to get a flow of leads coming in to your business. Bandit signs, direct mail, business cards, flyers, birddogs (property scouts)….ect. Honestly, I didn’t use birddogs that much in the beginning of my real estate career, I guess because I was learning myself and a newbie.

Once I got experience, closed deals and started making money others wanted to know how to get in the business but didn’t have any money. So I decided to train them on how to “birddog” for me, get leads and make money. Well it took a TON of my time to do the training until I found Prospect Master! This is a complete system set up to train and education birddogs to bring in MORE leads for your business.

To Your Success…..Lo

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For More information about Prospect Master and get your system set up, click here.




Panelist at the Empowerment Workshop for Young Ladies

I was so delighted and honored to be apart of the Empowerment Workshop for Young Ladies in Henderson, TX this past Saturday. I was born and raised in Henderson so to go back and speak on a panel to encourage, inspire and motivate young ladies was an honor. This workshop was created and hosted by Chakie Brown Starling (also a native of Henderson) and she felt led and do something positive for the young ladies in the community.

The other panelist consisted of other professional women that have gone on to become successful in there fields: attorneys, educators, medical professionals….ect. We discussed everything from money, credit, dating, education, dealing with peer pressure, how to become an empowered woman and much more!

I believe the girls went away with alot of positive things to think about and how to become better students and a better person. I also believe that EVERY city and town needs to host an Empowered for Young ladies Workshop. For more information about a workshop in your area check out Chakie’s website at

“If you get, give. If you learn, teach” – Maya Angelou-

Check out how much fun we had :)

Kudos and thank you for taking action Chakie!


The other panelists, ROCK!


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