Hidden Cash Flow Fortunes in Real Estate with Ian Flannigan

In this exclusive interview with Ian he shares how he has been able to create up to 4 cash flow streams from each hidden cash flow deal. No cash, credit or experience is required to start doing hidden cash flow deals. There is very little to no competition for these deals because most investors are hunting for high equity wholesale deals and pass these deals over because they aren’t trained to see the opportunity in these deals.

Hidden Cash Flow Deals are 5-10 Times more profitable than wholesale deals and are 10 times easier than rehabbing. CLICK BELOW to listen to this powerful interview. Find out more about Ian’s hidden cashflow system HERE.

The Mindset of a Successful Real Estate Investor

Stop looking for excuses. Only hard work will get you closer to success.

This episode is different from any of the others I have recorded….

In this episode I’m talking about the things that are stopping you from accomplishing your dreams and how to get the right mindset
for success!

Click on the image below to listen in….

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How Christia Rogers Took Action & Closes Her First Deal

Listen in at that this powerful interview with my student, Christia Rogers as she shares her success on wholesaling her first real estate deal for a profit thousands of dollars! This lead didn’t cost one penny and she is going to share how she got the lead, the process and how she felt once the deal closed!

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Leveraging Inbound Online Marketing To Get a Ton of Leads with Trevor Mauch

Listen to this episode below as I ask Trevor Mauch, founder of Investor Carrot, some of the most frequently asked questions about leveraging onine marketing with his powerful Investorcarrot lead generating websites!

Trevor cut his teeth in real estate in college and through years of trial and error, learned how to generate leads online effectively through inbound online marketing (to the tune of 88,000 real estate related leads and counting). He leads the Carrot team and focuses on helping members get the result they want. But, away from business… Trevor loves mountain biking, golfing, and spends most of his time with his wife and 3 young kids.

Get your lead generating Investor Carrot websites set up TODAY here–> www.reihowtos.com/reiwebsites

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